miscarried 10/4/2008.
Remembered by Virginia & Isabelo Vazquez:
Today is the day that you would have been born. It's been 6 months since I miscarried you and I still think about you everyday and its all still fresh in my mind. There isn't ONE day that goes by that I haven't thought of you. I think about what it'd be like if I was still pregnant, how big my belly would be and things like that. My nephew's daughter, Isabella, was born 4 days ago and I can't help but think how close in age you two would have been. I'm still torn and broken hearted over losing you. I don't know if I'll ever get over it. I loved feeling you inside of me and knowing that there was a part of both of us growing inside of me. I was never that happy...hopefully I'll get to feel that again one day soon. I try not to dwell on things so that I can go on. I try to look to the future with hope that I'll get over this and that God will bless us with a healthy, full term pregnancy. I'll always remember you and we'll finally meet one day.


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