born March 18, 1999 and March 19, 2000 and died March 31, 1999 and October 18, 2003.
Remembered by Mom, Dad, and 6 siblings:
Our angels. You meant so much to us. We were all so excited when Evan was born. Although the doctors told us something was wrong, we knew that we should be happy the time you were here. Evan. Darling. You came just as quick as you went. We all know that you are in a better place. Liam, I am telling you sorry honey. Tyler is sorry for not watching carefully. He still blames himself. We all do. I never knew that your skin could be so cold. Markis pulled out out of the water but it was already too late. We knew that you had gone up to heaven with your brother and he was watching over you. We love you both. Love, Amber (mom), Clint (dad), Markis (19), Tyler (17), Nick (15), Jeremy (13), Seth (11) and Cade (7)


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