born December 23, 2008 and died February 7, 2009.
Remembered by Nina Shavonne and Family:
My Little Janae, the moment your mom told me she was pregnant I will never forget. That night we talked forever. We laughed, cried and talked about how special you were. Knowing that you were a gift from above. Then it came time to think of a name. I wanted you to be a girl so bad! Then came the name Janae Angelique. That name has 2 meanings to me. #1 Janae means:God has answered, and Angelique is Angel. What you truly are. #2 My Johnny Angel. And like the song “You're an Angel to me.“ Then the day you were born, I couldnt wait to see you. Knowing the situation was I didn't know how I would react. But it was something that I can't explain.You had this strong vibe. I knew that you were a fighter, and I was so proud of your mom for being so strong with so much faith. I will never forget putting that beenie on your precious little head and you opening your eyes. I know that you were here for a short while. But the minute I found out that you were on your way I knew that you were special to me. Thank you Jessica for letting me be a part of it all. You know that I will always love both of you with all my heart. Although I never got to baptize her, she will always be my Goddaughter. I know that you will continue to look down on us and make us strong. I will always cherish the picture that I have of us. I love you my baby Nay.


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