born 5/26/95 and died 8/21/04.
Remembered by Your mommy, whom loves you so much, and your little brother!:
Evan was a beautiful child. The best gift (well my second was a wonderful, amazing gift as well), but a mother's first, they just touch you, and change your life, in ways that noone else ever could. we all love our children equally YES, but Evan, was such a joy, and an optomist, strong beyond words, my absolute hero. he got through all of his struggles, & he never buckled. i feel selfish for wanting him to live forever..i couldn't evision my life going on, without him, thought i'd surely die or lose my mind, but from heaven he has kept me sane, through signs, and dreams, i know he's always surrounding me. it gets me thru the day. i love you Evan, mommy's precious angel in the sky!


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