born May 28 2009 and died August 13 2009.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa:
We only had our sweet Angel Gavin for 79 days. He spent all but maybe 10 days at home, the rest in a hospital in St Louis, Missouri....far away from his loved ones. Mommy stayed with him night and day never leaving his side..Daddy had to work and came every chance he could. Grandma and Grandpa got to go see him twice....the 2nd time being our last for he died just 4 days later. He was a fighter from the begining even though he never had a chance. They say he was born with a very rare case of skeletal displasia known as Opsismodyplasia. There are only 12 known cases in the world. Little Gavin is our special Angel, we miss his so much and we cant even begin to explain the loss we feel not having him here with us. He is forever loved by his Mommy, Daddy, Brothers Dylan and Adam Grandma and Grandpa Uncle David Aunt Korteny and his cousins Raelee and Emma Jo. I would also like to say that Gavin was so special to us all that I truly believe he is an Angel that was sent to us to let us know that we now have a guardian Angel watching over us.


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