stillborn November, 2000.
Remembered by Mommy:
To my angel in heaven, I think about you a lot, mostly when I am with your sister Allison. I think about your sacrifice, because if it hadn't been for you, I am not certain she would be here. You are both my miracles. I see you in her. Lips, face, you both resemble your Dad. And she thinks of you all the time. I find it very remarkable that she always remembers you, when she sees balloons. She will grab a few from the restaurant and say her prayer and release them to the heavens, for you to play with. She is very loving, gentle and kind hearted. She is a good person, beautiful! She will turn 8 this September, and her two older brothers well they tease and pick at her sometimes, but I know they love her so much! Together, we have a wonderful time. I am getting older by the minute my dear son. Life is always so busy for me. Between the kids, work, the house, bills, I mean my list of to do's is endless and always huge. I get tired easily. Well I miss you and think of you. You are a very special soul and one I'll look for when its my turn to come to heaven. Thank you for watching over us. We are very lucky down here, to be loved by our angel. Love Mommy


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