born 24/11/04 and died 04/02/09.
Remembered by Mama Fiona, Daddy Ticha, Gogo, Sekuru, Aunty Fay, Sekuru Shingie, Gogo Kanda,Tsungi Tadya, Eru.:
Our, Little Angel, you are greatly missed. It took us by surprise Rue.Who ever thought your life would be shortlived.Why that early?What about school our little girl, you always said you would want to go to school, mama had big dreams and hopes for you.You also mentioned that you wanted to become a doctor. But its all in vein now.We miss those big eyes and that lovely smile that you carried throughout, even during the last 9 months of your life.The 9 terrible and traumatic months of our lives.What happened to you little one?What disease was that which no doctor could explain?You were strong. Our brave little Ruru.Our clever little Ruru.You never said goodbye, you didn't warn us, why?We had so much hope and faith that one day it would all be over like a bad dream. We hoped that you would stand up, walk and run again.Mama hurts everyday because she was not there when it happened.Gogo cries everyday and she still asks why it happened to our family, to us, to mama?We pray and hope that you are happy, in heaven with Jesus and Mary the Mother of Jesus.We love and adore you our light.Nothing and noone can ever replace you in our hearts.Keep on smiling.SHAINA Ruru.


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