miscarried January 12, 2005.
Remembered by Mommy:
(Looks like a typing error on last post of mine) I saw for just a moment, your little bodies. Those two little blurs they said were you both, but now you've gone away. I heard for just once, the twitters of both of your hearts beating. The sounds that held such promises, but soon departed. I will never forget the events that happened January 12, 2005. For my world changed that tragic day. I dreamt for just a moment, of the days I'd hold you both tight. I'd listen for your little breaths and rock you both through the night. I cried silently, when they said that you both had gone. I laid alone in silence that seemed so very long. I was for just a moment, the mother of two more children. Who was excited for a moment that meant so much, if only for awhile. In those single moments, I finally said farewell. I know we will meet again my little angels. My angel babies are who you are. My angel babies you'll always be.


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