born 8/28/97 and died 5/5/99.
Remembered by Cherrie:
It's been 10 years since this little angel was taken from my sight, but there has not been a day that I have not thought of him or whispered his name... There are days that I still sit and cry when I think of him but I know that he is here watching over me... I have grandchildren now and it's so hard to tell them about him without the tears, but they will all know who he is and why he had to leave this earth so soon... I miss you so much boo... and my arms still ache to hold you but I tell myself that you are in a safe place now with alot of people who love you as much as me ... and that someday I will again be able to hold you in my arms and tell you how much I love and miss you ... I had the Joy of taking care of him during his short stay here on earth. He died of neglect while visiting with his mother


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