born April 17, 2010 and died April 17, 2010.
Remembered by Melissa and David Fox and their families:
We love you Evan, forever. Even though you left us so soon, holding you was the best moment of our lives. We're sorry you couldn't make it longer, but we know we will see you some day in heaven. You were our perfect baby boy. You will always be our perfect baby boy. Love, Mom, Dad, Grandma Jan, Grandma Lynn, Grandpa Dan, Grandpa Richard, Aunt Kate, Aunt Kirsten, Aunt Kelly, Aunt Amber, Uncle Mike, Uncle Alan, Uncle Kelly, Uncle Mike (little), Great Grandma Marcy, Great Grandma Cooper, Great Grandpa Ron, Great Grandpa Dave, Great Great Grandma Houston, Cousin Connor, Cousin Eric, and Cousin Evelyn


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