stillborn Nov 30 2000.
Remembered by Dad (6/30/2010):
I read these posts today knowing that I am as sad as ever on one hand and on the other so very proud. Your sister is a blessing to me. She is so into softball and making me happy and I too just want for her to be happy. I think of this as a emotional storm. I read your message Charity and also wish that you would have given us that opportunity but I guess I did deserve it. I had my own agenda in life and since then my agenda is Allison. people deal with things in life different and I can say that 4 years after us spliting I still can not settle as i do not want to hurt this was again. I remember things like they were yesterday and hate it. I want to forget things. I want to forget that day at Kaiser when that doctor said something is wrong. I want to forget you laying on the bed and couch for months to make sure nothing went wrong with Ally. I want to forget our honeymoon in which i think about us on that waverunner and think maybe that was the cause. I just hate things. i try to be the best dad i can 1 day at a time yet feel dead sometimes and 5 years after I sit here and cry. Life is what it is. People do change! love to all of you! Dan


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