miscarried November 14, 2000.
Remembered by Mommy, Abo, Brothers, and Sisters:
Zahra, Well it has been 10 years now since you have gone to live with Allah and I am happier everyday that I know you were chosen for the special job that Allah had for you. I was so sad all the time and then I realized no amount of crying would ever bring you back. I miss you always and I love you so, but I have learned to be able to accept what was chosen for you. I can never erase the sight of you in my mind when I saw you so healthy in the 1st ultrasound, only to be crushed by the 2nd when there was no heartbeat at all. I finally named you after all these years, Zahra June Angel, because you were due in June and are an Angel in Heaven above. Please take care of Alexander and show him the ropes. Thinking of you always as you are a part of this family. Please watch over your brothers and sisters, they all miss you, even those after you because they know your story and wish you were here to play. Take care my sweet baby, we all love and miss you always. InshaAllah we will meet in Heaven one day. Love, Mommy, Abo, brothers, and sisters


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