stillborn November 30, 2000.
Remembered by Mommy:
Dear Angel in Heaven, Thinking of the past a little today, and of the memories I have of you. It facsinates me how life continuously changes yet memories stand firm and solid in my mind, like an old oak tree. I'm grateful for that. We will always miss you and the thought of what our lives would be like had you of lived. I'm sure by now you'd be on a baseball team or maybe a little wrestler like your older brothers! Probably a good singer like your sister, and laugh alot like your Mom, or talking sports with your Dad. So many times I've wondered what could have been, but I know god has direction and a place for us all, every breath I take, every move we make, every moment is all by Him. Dearst Angel, open the heavens with Jesus because soon your Great Aunt Andi will be joining you dancing on the clouds and singing with the harps and horns. May God make her journey home grand and quick and let her finally rest from all she has endured these last few years with her battle of cancer. I trust in you Jesus for I know all you are is good. My angel greet her, and celebrate her entrance into Heaven! I love you and I am thinking of you tonight. Mom


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