stillborn 11/30/2000.
To my little angel in heaven..... Time has passed since I have come to this place and read old posts. Today I think of you. Life constantly changes. So much happening all the time around me, to me. But one thing remains the my heart is a place for only you. In my mind are the memories of our short time together. I'm so grateful to have been the lucky one to be your Mom, even if only a short while. Forever grateful for that. Your sister what a gift. I've never met anyone with such an amazing strong spirit as her. She is beautiful inside and out, so smart and talented. What a great athlete too. She is doing takwondo and softball and excelling at both, plus getting good grades. So blessed. She always thinks of you, and keeps sending those balloons up to heaven for you. It is as if you all really knew each other, even though you were gone before she was born. You mean something very special to her. Your brothers are growing up. Men now. One is heading off to serve a church mission and the other is struggling a little but I have no worries. I know he'll make it over these obstacles. And I, well I keep on searching for love. I met someone new, just keeping my fingers crossed and my heart open. I guess time will tell. Family is well and always changing too. All these things though..u already know because u are up there in heaven and u see it all with Jesus. Often I am reminded of his and your love for me in little things that happen like pennies I find or answered prayers. Even though life isn't always easy...I find comfort in really feeling I am never alone. I love you Dylan. And I miss the what could have beens for you here. But God's plan was for you to return home, and soon we will too. Be waiting for me, my love. As I anxiously look to the heavens, the stars, the clouds for the day we meet again. Love Mom.


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