born March 9, 2012 and died June 10, 2012.
Remembered by Heather Conrad( Mommy ) Jonathon Ritter (Daddy) Tracy Hargrove (Nanny) Steven Conrad (Papaw) Mary Bl:
Mommy Misses You So Much Ja'Liyah. I Cant Wait Until I Can See That Beautiful Smiling Face Again. Your Mommys Little Angel Baby. Continue Too Look Over Us All Until We Can Be With You Again. I Love & Miss You Baby Girl. Never did i think i would ever have too go without my baby girl. I always said that she would be here when nobody else was , and now i cant say that. i never thought it would happen. she was so beautiful , happy , perfect and so healthy. i never thought anything like this would happen , until we went too sleep one night and i woke up , and she would laying beside me lifeless. i do cherish the short 3 months and one day i had with her and i will for the rest of my life.


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