miscarried December 22 2016.
Remembered by Mom,Dad and 7 brothers and sisters:
I will never really know what you were but in our hearts you were our baby boy. We will love and remember you forever my son my live my light. On December 21,2016 your mom Shannon, texted me at 7:30pm. She said to my I spotting and it light pink. I read on it and it says not to be alarmed (she knows how I get)... I got home and she went to the bathroom again by this point it was a strong red ...I started reading more and more and turned more to a miscarriage. I then got scared and prayed. I went to sleep and woke up the next day my wife said ri me its brown. I then started thinking it was her period. We called the gyno and they said go to the hospital. I prayed. We got there and they did sonos and blood work. I then knew our sweet beautiful baby was gone. We will always love u Dominik Armonie Czuwara mom and dad will never forget you.. Love your mother and father Brothers Alex Brayden Cameron Jordan Sisters Macayla Lillianna Faith


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