born January 7, 2000 and died January 7, 2000.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy (Meghan and Alan):
Our two little flowers who were supposed to bloom in May, you came too soon and could not survive the dark and cold of January. You only lived a couple of hours but in that time you changed our lives and filled our hearts. We held you in our arms, played with your toes, kissed your tiny noses, held your little hands. You made us parents and showed us how it feels to be completely in love even though we had just met you. Now our arms are empty and our eyes are full of tears, our hearts will never be the same. We remember you with joy but we grieve for the lost chances to show you the world, to kiss you good-night, to sing silly songs, to teach you to ride bikes, to show you spring flowers and autumn leaves, to ski through quiet woods, to laugh and live fully. Our lost dreams make us sad for you because you never had a chance at life, and for ourselves because you would have opened new worlds for us. We miss you, Sara and Emily. You will always be with us in our hearts.


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