miscarried November 19, 1998.
Remembered by his parents, Alan and Brenda, his sister Amanda and his brother, Brian:
Our son,Tucker,named this because he will be "tucked" in our hearts forever, was born November 19,1998. This is a morning that we will never forget. I was 14 weeks pregnant and in the hospital due to some spotting that began a week or so earlier. We had just been told that everything was going to be okay and we should go out and buy a new crib as our baby was healthy and everything was alright. The next morning, 5:20am, the morning I was to go home, I gave birth to our very tiny son. Tucker was perfect in every sense of the word, he had perfect little feet with 10 toes, he had the most perfect little hands with all 10 fingers, his little ears were so tiny. Tucker was just a perfect little tiny boy that just didn't get the chance to grow big.
We buried Tucker in our local cemetery, 3 days after his birth. We found out later the reason he was born to soon was because I had a uterine infection.
It has been a year and a half since that terrible morning. We have attempted another pregnancy but because of the infection my uterus and tubes were badly damaged. Our hearts ache to have another child, we have been through every infertility treatment available with no success. We have even begun to consider adoption as a way to share our lives with a child.
For the people out there that have never experienced this terrible loss they don't understand, this never, ever, goes away. We will have an empty place in our hearts forever.


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