born 10/09/99 and died 10/09/99.
Remembered by mommy (Ana Lopez), 4 ever my son:
The day i find out i was pregnant, i just couldn't believe it. i was full of joy that i cry. i was 28 with no children, but u were my first and i will always keep u in my heart until we meet again and i can hold u and never let go. : ) i was 5 months when my waterbag broke, i was so nervous i rushed to the hospital just to find that my baby, my son, because from day one i knew u were boy i felt u, and the next morning i pushed u out, 7hrs it took but to me it was never over, i cried everyday for u. i miss u very much, we would have been the best of friends. until the day we meet in our hearts (daddy & mommy) is were we will always keep u my son, i luv u my angel...


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