born Fourth of July 1999 and died January 23, 2000.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
Tea, our precious little miracle, you were such a joy to have. You filled our lives and made us whole. You are the reason for our existence, for to have you was the reason we were created. We love and cherish you always.


The seed of life was planted
and all the world could see,
the enormous level of love and joy
which had consumed all of me.

The seed of life became a rose
and what tremendous strength was displayed.
When I brought you home that day
it was in my arms that you were laid.

Each time I sat and gazed at you
I wondered to myself, "How can this be?"
God gave me this little creature
to nurture and treasure faithfully.

It was on that cold and rainy day
that your reality became a memory.
God reached out for you, his angel,
and took you to fulfill your destiny.

Now I wear this mask with sorrow,
so far apart we may be.
But I hold the faith and certain hope
that one day we may meet in eternity.


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