born 11-2-99 and died 11-2-99.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, Brittany, Faline and Dennis:
I will never forget the joy that I felt the day I found out that you were inside of me. All the efforts to overcome our infertility had finally worked. The joy was unbelievable. The 36 weeks that you were with us filled our family with much happiness. We could hardly wait for your arrival. Your brother and sisters were filled with as much anticipation as were your father and I. That night in the hospital when we found out that you had left us will haunt me for ever. All the joy that I had felt now was overcome with a great sadness. I will treasure the sort time we had together for ever. I will never forget the few short hours that I got to hold you in my arms. Until we meet again in heavens bliss, please know that you are never far from thought and always will be in my heart. I will love you for all my life and then for all eternity.


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