born 24,11,93 and died 25,11,93.
Remembered by Mummy and Daddy, Cindy Ferbrache and Michael Hamon:
You look so small as you lie in your cradle,
Deep peace etched on your face.
Your tiny form so very still,
You entered this life by our Father`s will.
He knit you together in your Mother`s womb,
In the secret place were nobody sees.
Perfect hands and minute feet,
Rose bud nose and petal soft cheeks.
You brought love and joy for a little while.
Now your candle has flickered out.
You are back in heaven at the Father`s side,
There forever to abide.
We are left with the memory,
The joy and the pain,
But we know that through god`s love,
We will be united again.
All our eternal love, Mummy and Daddy


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