born September 20 1999 and died September 20 1999.
Remembered by Mireille and Patrick Funk:
Hope can you hear me from so high above. I heard you cry for a moment, then you were silent. Your face gave it away, you were to become an angel. I know you saw your father and I, your face gave it away. Your breathing was so shallow it terrified me. Were you in pain? I just wanted you to stay with me for just one more moment. Just one more moment I could have cherished, just one more moment so I could have said I love you just once more.I held you while you died, that is some comfort to me. I know you are in a better place now. I know that's were you were meant to be ,with God. But I wish you were still with me. Please wait for me when I cross those gates. I can't wait to see you again, I sure you are so beautiful. I know your grandfather and grandmother are with you there, I know they look after you, but after all the only place you belong is here with me. I miss you Hope. I LOVE YOU. YOUR MOMMY
(Hope's web page)


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