miscarried 8/12/91 (ectopic).
Remembered by Mom and Dad:
This March you would of turned 8, but now where you are there is no age, no time...In my mind you are resting your perfect little body in the palm of Jesus, so tiny, so precious, and so wanted. I wish that I would of had more then 9 weeks to get to know you, in my thoughts I know you very well...I know you are a guardian angel to your brothers and sister, sometimes when they smile in there sleep I wonder if you have just told them a secret, and in their unconsciousness they know you too...someday when they've grown I will tell them of you, and they will smile and say, "We know, he has always been here, so that we're never alone." But, for now it is up to me to remember how your presence touched my life, and how I will never forget you. All my love- till we meet again...Mom


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