miscarried 04/03/00.
Remembered by Maternal Grandmother:
What a stir you made, little one! So excited are we of your arrival. So much love to be shared. You came into our lives so very unexpectantly. A child of God, given to us out of His love. But God needed you in Heaven little one, and as quickly as you came in to this family, you departed even faster. You may never see the beauty of my daughter, your mother, or my son, your may never feel the warmth of the sun, or the cool breeze across your face...and we will never know the feel of your hand in ours, little one. We will miss you little one. You may not have lived in this world of ours, but you have enriched our lives, and touched so many without even being born! Thank you little one. You have brought families back together that were once lost, and gave us your warmth, and love. You made a difference little one...God's Speed...see you one day in Heaven. Love your Grandmother Carole


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