miscarried January 6, 1997.
Remembered by Mom and Dad:
Only the love a mother and father share,
could know the pain that we bear.

You were our angel sent down from heaven,
only to leave without a reason.

The day we discovered our found treasure,
we wanted to share our heart's pleasure.

We waited the time to tell family and friends,
that our search for life's reason has a final end.

Mom and Dad went to hear your heartbeat,
instead it was our's that skipped a beat.

The pain and agony of what we heard,
is you are no longer with us were the words.

The pleasure and joy you brought to us,
will be cherished by all and especially us.

You are our unborn child special and dear,
may you ALWAYS know mom and dad hold you near.

written to our unborn child,
We love and miss you always, Mommy and Daddy


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