born 8/28/97 and died 5/9/99.
Remembered by Paul and Cherrie Allen:
A LETTER TO BOO As the days go by I sit here and think of you And the thought that you will soon be two I think of the sparkle in your big brown eyes And sometimes I imagine I hear your cries Mother's Day is supposed to be a happy day But I'll remember mine as Brandon's Day It's not fair that God would take you so soon You were only a toddler grasping a balloon Your crib is empty only your clothes remain Every things the same as the day you went away I feel that I'm living in a real bad dream I want to wake up but can only scream A baby is gone a small life is lost The truth must be told no matter the cost Neglect is what is should have read Instead it just said a toddler is dead You were such a happy and beautiful little boy Content for hours just to play with your toys You never cried, and you had a gorgeous smile I wish I could have kept you for more than a while In the quiet of the night I hear you laughing And I imagine you playing with a little bug A big smile on your face and a sparkle in you eyes... Then the wind blows and your laughter fades into the night I know you're in such a beautiful place I can feel your happiness inside And I imagine you sitting on Cookie Grams knee Please have her give you a big hug and squeeze from me


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