born March 7, 2000 and died March 7, 2000.
Remembered by Mom, Dad, Jayd, and Tanner:
Mom and I knew you had to leave
And in our hearts we felt you go
With the warm touch of your tiny hand on our cheeks
You were gone

You left us for a playground in heaven
We know Grandma and Grandpa are holding your hand

Please be our guardian angel and
Watch over your sister and brother
They love and miss you very much

Little Dragon
Give us strength when we feel weak
Give us courage when we feel scared
Give us hope when we feel worried
Give us faith when filled with doubt

Mom and I have many regrets
We had
No time to know you, no time to hold you
No time to bath you, no time to comfort you
No time to sing to you, no time to read to you,
And no time to listen to your laugh

You are a part of our dreams
Both day and night

Please make a place for us
In your sandbox
On your swing
In your heart

Soon Mom and I will come to play
Love Mom and Dad


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