born 07/24/99 and died 07/23/99.
Remembered by Polly Falcon (mother):
How often I think of you, Kyra. You are never far from my thoughts. I can speak of you with composure to others, but I grieve for you and for us. Your brothers speak of you and wonder what you're doing with God. They wonder which cloud is yours, and wish you were there to play with them on the playground. Your Daddy misses the you you never got to be. I look at his laugh lines and cry to think that none of them will be caused by you. Some days I am angry, and I just want you, my daughter. On other days, I wonder what pain you were spared by so brief a stay here with us. I get especially sad when I meet new people and future friends with babies close to your age. I don't mind that they have their babies-I just realize that you would have grown up with them as friends. I love you forever, Kyra.


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