born May 11/99 and died May 11/99.
Remembered by their Mommie:
It's been a year today.I've thought of all of things I want to tell you. So much to say, and still, I am at a loss for words. You have both touched my life in ways that I have yet to understand. The memory of your birth takes my breath away, and the pain and emptiness takes over again. You came so unexpectedly. I had such high hopes for your future and as a family with twin boys. So much has changed since you were born. I have been so lost without you in my life. I think of what would have been,what should have been, and the tears come again. I have tried hard to find the things that continue to make your little lives count, while bringing meaning and hope to others who have lost their child. You were and are so important in my life. I believe that there are so many things to celebrate about your life with us. You have opened our eyes to God again, have connected us with people we cherish, and have strengthened our bonds to family. I am thankful to you for this.


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