born May 21, 1999 and died May 21, 1999.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
Keadon was 4 months along when my water broke. The doctors said there was nothing they could do for him. I held him in my arms he was so perfect. Mommy and Daddy will hold you in our heart and memory baby angel up above!!! A letter from me!
"A letter from Keadon"
Dear Mommy and Daddy, I'm sorry I had to go. I guess I would been born this week. I wish you coulda been here with me now. I really don't want to come back, it sooo perdy here. There's flowers everywhere...and there's rainbows too! Why don't you smile no more? I like you smile. Today I saw Daddy sing a song to me...I like it when Daddy sings. Mommy, you are the best MoM! And Mommy posts pictures of me all over, so I'm real famous now! I wish I coulda wore that Reno shirt Grams and Grampa Yonker gave me...I coulda spilled stuff all down it. And all that neat stuff I got from Grams and Grampa Davies, I never got to wear out. I hear I made Grandpa and Grandmas into Great Grandpas and Grandmas...WoW! Well, even though I'm not around for you to see me in your world, don't think I'm not there. I like to visit sometimes to see all do's people I'm a part of. I'm proud to be in da family that loves me so! comes Jesus now...he likes to run and play with us kids. One time I sat on his lap and he told me a story about you guy's... well I better go now. Love you all so very much! Love, Keadon

I can hear your precious voice
It whispers through my head.
I hear your laughter so cute,
It wakes me from sleeping in bed
My mind will not forget you.
My heart doesn't want it to.
It needs to hold the memories
Since my arms cannot hold you.
A small part of you has stayed here,
Little pieces still live on.
All the things that we remember,
They will not leave nor be gone.
My heart will always love you
And hold you oh so tight.
The last thing I do each day now-
Tell you "I love you!" and

Monday, November 15th was Keadons due date. In honor of him we will be lighting a candle. You too could join us on this evening in memory of him. Although his life was short, he still is our little boy! Thanks for your support...Ken and Mary


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