born July 16, 1996 and died July 16, 1996.
Remembered by Corey, Monica and Tyler Young (daddy, mommy, and big brother):
The Littlest Angel

The littlest angel in Heaven
Loves kittens and rainbows and fun.
Heaven will never be just as it was
Now that her life there's begun.

She'll use clouds to make pretty pictures,
And Sing to the stars above.
She'll dance on the golden streets of Heaven
And fill God's house with her love.

She'll pick flowers from the sunbeams,
And find grassy meadows for playing.
Her laughter will ring when the great choirs sing,
But she'll hear me whenever I'm praying.

The littlest angel in Heaven
Is one I am longing to see,
For the child that belongs now with Jesus
Is the child that belonged once with me.

Janessa, we will love you forever. You are our precious one. You were only with us for such a short time. We only wait until we can be with you and to share with you and to hold you in our arms again!


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