born April 1, 2000 and died April 1, 2000.
Remembered by his loving parents, Matt and Katey Flanagan:
A special poem written by your great Aunt Nancy. We miss you and love you!

A perfect tear warm as the
Rain in my heart glistens in the
Corner of your eye, your
Perfect from as still and quiet
As the prayers we say,
Tumbling from our lips like
Jewels, you a perfect
Child, loved beyond
Reason, you bring
Only our love with you in
Your return to heaven,
Where they are singing
Your name and in this short
Moment that was your life
You brought us nothing but
Love, the fullness of our
Adoration of you, our
Joy at the beingness of
You, burrowing deep into
Our souls, where we discover
That through such pain as the
Loss of you is God whose
Mystery we can not
Know, but through you
Our hearts are touched by
God's love, by a perfect
Tear, by a boy named
Kevin who will live here, in
Deep remembrance,
Always, nothing to ever
Change our love for
You, the gift of you.


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