born April 14th 2000 and died April 14th 2000.
Remembered by Mummy, Daddy, all your family:
Chloe, do you remember me? Do you remember all the places we went to baby? we were together forever, and thatís the way its going to stay. The day you died was the worst day of our lives, Chloe, but don't you feel guilty for going. You were the best thing, along with Connor and the twins, that had ever happened to us, Chloe, you were our first baby girl. I used to lay in bed and chat to you Chloe, do you remember that? And the way daddy used to kiss you through my belly and talk to you? Sleep peacefully Chlo, keep an eye on your brother and the twins. I don't think we even have to tell you this, but we love you so much our hearts could break, and we ache to hold you in our arms. That half hour I had holding you and smelling your precious smell was the best moment in my life, and I still cant understand why you had to go. We're empty without you chloe. Iíve got all your clothes and toys with me. I promise that we'll never forget you darling, you are always in our thoughts. We're coming, Chloe. See you in heaven soon, mummy and daddy's little Angel. Shine baby. We cant wait to see you Chloe, because we're gonna hug you and never , ever stop. All the love in the world, Mummy and Daddy


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