miscarried 6/26/2000.
Remembered by Andrea and Greg Feingold:
“Little Angel“, I never saw you because you were this little tiny creature inside of my body. I had only a couple of days to enjoy this amazing happiness you brought into my life and your dad's as well. I will never know how you would look like, or if you were growing to be a girl or a boy. It was too early, my Angel, to know anything. But one thing I knew for sure, you were ALIVE at one point, even if that meant a couple of hours or days. Doctors, my dear, they need to be professional. They talk to you with those medical terms that are often hard to understand. They called it “chemical pregnancy“ and dismissed my unspeakable pain. Oh Angel, you left this unbelievable emptiness inside my heart that was already used to the fact that I was going to be a MOTHER. People say that things happen for a reason and God works in mysterious ways. I had to hold on to that so I can move on. But there is this void you left behind that nobody else will replace. I know I will have another baby but you were going to be a unique being. You can not and will not be replaced. I don't have anything to give me closure and I can only hope that, like in my fondest dreams, you have become a Little Angel and are looking down upon me, your Mommy, and your Daddy, Greg. Daddy also cried many tears and shared the pain of your loss with me. He would have been a great father to you cause his heart is pure and he is the sweetest person in the world. He would have loved you with all his heart. As a matter of fact, we still love you wherever you are right now and you will NEVER be forgotten. Ever. Your loving mother, Andrea


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