miscarried July 4, 1995 at 15 weeks.
Remembered by Mummy:
After losing your sister, i did everything i knew to keep you safe, but it didn't happen and when you were just 15wks my body pushed you out. There wasn't anything wrong with you, when I had a contraction I could feel you kicking, telling me to hold on to you and I tried sweet baby I tried to make my body keep you but it wouldn't and by the time you were born you had died. You never stood a chance. My biggest regret was never looking at you at the time I couldn't do it. I was alone and so scared that if I looked at you I would never let you go. I didn't want a picture of you dead in my mind, this way I can remember you as you were, a tiny bump in my belly. I miss you, if I could hold you just once, to hold you and say sorry that I could not give you life. I know in my heart that you are with your sister Jasmine and that you are holding each other tight. I love you.


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