miscarried May 1, 1996.
Remembered by her mommy and daddy:
Dear Abigail, It has been almost three years since your death. It seems as if it were only yesterday we were rejoicing at the sound of your little heartbeat. The day that you went to be with the Lord was probably the hardest day of my life. The pain so deep, too deep to explain. I coped by going on with my life as usual. I shut off my emotions for fear of losing my sanity. When people told me that I could try again to have another child I wanted to scream to them that you were real to us, we don't want another one we wanted you. We now realize that the Lord had a different plan for our lives. You now have a beautiful adopted sister Shayley. Recently your sibling Josiah has come to join you. You are my Angel, you are God's child. I give you up to him. M,D,S


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