miscarried February 5, 1999.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, Shayley:
Dear Angel, It has only been almost three months since your death. You were both a surprise and encouragement to both your father and I who believed that being able to conceive a biological child was not possible for us. I believe that God sent you to us just for a little while so that we could regain our hope in having a biological child. You are now an angel sitting beside your sister Abigail. You have seen the face of Jesus. Oh how I can't wait to see you. The pain is still so fresh. I knew that you were conceived, in my heart, I knew the day. I have a sense that you were so happy to be with me for the short time that you were. Please take care of your sister while up there. Until we meet in Heaven...You are always in my heart. Love mom.


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