miscarried July 1, 1982.
Remembered by Sherry Coffman:
I loved my dear husband Mike so very much and because he was a policeman, I wanted a child with him so very much. If something were to happen to him, our baby could carry on the traits that I so loved about him. God finally gave me my wish. I was pregnant with twins. We were so happy! Then God took them from us almost as quickly as they came. My life was to never be the same again. I will never forget the joy and happiness that I felt to know that I was carrying these babies, but a future with us was not to be. All I have left is a memory. It's been 18 years now and the pain is still there, for they were the last children God would ever let me carry. God decided that I should be stripped of my babies, my husband, and my home. Even though my husband moved on and probably forgot my precious babies, this memorial is for them. This is dedicated to my darling twins, Michael Noble Coffman Jr, and Brianna Renee Coffman. I'm so sorry that God needed you in heaven and I never got to hold you. Loved and Remembered by your momma, Sherry A. Coffman


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