born June 16th, 2000 and died June 17th, 2000.
Remembered by your mother:
Kaide: Today was the day you should have been born but you came two months early. You might have lived but you had been deprived of so much oxygen that the doctors were unable to save you. When you died, you took a large part of my heart with you. Not a single second goes by without mummy thinking of you. I wish I had heard you cry or saw you smile or open your eyes. I thank God that I was able to hold you even though he had taken you by then. Please forgive me for not holding you and comforting you while you died..I was too sick to leave the hospital. I pray for you every night and ask God to watch over you and keep you eternally happy. Say hello to all the other little angels who are keeping you company and tell them their mummies miss them so much. You will always be my first and I will always love you with all my heart. Tearfully missing you.


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