miscarried May 30, 1997.
Remembered by your mom and dad:
I suspected from the very first day that I was pregnant with you and we were very excited to find out a few weeks later that you would be coming at Christmas time. We wanted a fourth child, and even though we were going to wait, you were a welcome surprise. Cory, I don't even know how long I carried you in my womb. When I began to miscarry you were already gone. All that was left was the physical discomfort and the mental pain, knowing that I would never hold you in my arms, nurse you, or watch you grow up. We are sure that God had a reason for taking you to be with Him. And someday we will be together and we can love you for eternity. Until then, we have given you a name and a place on this page to be remembered.
You will never be forgotton, Tory Cole, and you will always be loved.


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