born November 4, 1998 and died November 4, 1998.
Remembered by Jamie VanDerMeer, loving mother:
It's been almost a year since Pierce was stillborn. I'd like to share a poem in his memory:

(Pierce's First Birthday Poem)

Little face, so soft and sweet,
Tiny hands and tiny feet,
These memories I cling to
Until next time we meet.

You should be smearing your face with birthday cake
Instead I'm deciding what to take
Exactly what to bring to
your grave to decorate, not to celebrate

Maybe some balloons, a special song
A statue, a candle to bring along
In the cemetary I'll sing to
My birthday baby who's gone.

I'll look for you in the sunrise,
In the full moon, falling leaves, and butterflies
And cardinals on the wing to
Your resting place in the skies.

Will you be lingering, too
And hear my heartfelt cries?

From your loving mommy, missing you everyday! Happy birthday in Heaven. By Jamie VanDerMeer, all rights reserved.


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