born January 22, 1998 and died January 22, 1998.
Remembered by Mommy:
We are greatly blessed with 7 living children. Our 7th, Jessica Joy, was born with severe heart defects and spent 10 weeks in ICU with 2 open heart surgeries. We brought her home on Jan. 6 1998 (she was 16 mo) looking forward to resting and re-uniting our family before we welcomed our 8th child, due February 20, 1998. On Jan. 22 I took Jessica in for a cardiology appointment and was barely there 5 minutes when I suddenly began to hemmorage. I was rushed next door to the hospital and soon after had an emergency c-section because of a placenta abruption. Our little girl, Angela Hope, 6 lbs. 10 oz., was stillborn. Yes, we are blessed with our children, but we "know" what we are missing, and there is such a void in our home and hearts. We have seen many miracles and are so thankful for much, but we hurt and grieve. You may meet our family and see a picture of Angela at our web page (
Dear Jesus, please hold and kiss our Angela...we miss her.


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