Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, and sisters Krystin and Lauren:
Megan born November 16, 1997 and died November 16, 1997
Morgan Born November 18, 1997 December 3, 1997
This is a story I wrote shortly after our dear Megan and Morgan died. We miss you very much and though your were on this earth a very short time, you will live in our hearts forever.
"What a beautiful drive." I said to myself as I drove down a two lane highway, out in the country. There were beautiful elm, oak, walnut and willow trees hanging over the road. The trees created shade and the soft gentle breeze that had blown in my hair. I was not sure why I was there, until I looked off to the side of the road. Sitting back from the road I noticed a nice but modest two story house. I felt a tremendous force that pulled at me. I turn onto the long dirt drive that lead to the home.
There were blue, red, yellow, orange, pink and white flowers everywhere, and the green grass seemed to go on forever. There were also the largest oldest trees I have ever seen. I thought to myself, "this is where I would like to live."
I found myself walking the path to the front door, and through the open, white picket gate. I looked around the yard to see a tire swing hanging from a huge tree, toys and bicycles, balls, and bats everywhere, I could tell children lived there.
I took the gray painted wood stairs to the front porch where I saw a hanging love seat swing, rocking chairs, and even more flowers everywhere. This seemed like a happy home, full of love and warmth. Off to the side of the porch was a big brown guard dog with floppy ears laying on a round rug, never moving or noticing I was there.
I tapped on the front door, and no one answered. So, I opened the door and went inside. Somehow it felt right. I saw simple white lace curtains on the windows, with hard wood floors, large area rugs, and a warm decor, inviting me in. It felt like this was my home.
The smell of homemade sauce filled the house. I found my way to the kitchen and there I found the sauce cooking on the stove. There were freshly made noodles on the counter drying for dinner, and along side all the fresh vegetables for a salad. I thought, "this even smells like my house."
I spotted the back door. With out even thinking about it, I stepped out the door, on to the back porch, only to see my husband picking fresh fruit and vegetables. There were baskets everywhere filled to the rim. I walked over to him and greeted him with a smile, a hug and a kiss.
I looked off to the side and saw my oldest daughter, Krystin, on the tree swing being pushed by her latest bow. It was easy to see they were enjoying each other. She yelled over, "Hi Mom!"
The young man said, "Hello Mamma".
Hello!" I said, smiling back at them.
I walked out into the yard, seeing Lauren my other daughter. As usual, she was chasing and teasing the little black poodle, her buddy. She was running and playing and having a wonderful time. "Hi Mommy!" Lauren yelled to me.
"Hello honey!" I replied.
I looked up to see a never ending pasture, with wild flowers and daisies. This was a picture perfect site. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a red and white table cloth spread out under a large willow tree. So I walked closer, and saw a little picnic and tea party. I saw a teddy bear, and a baby doll, and two little girls. They looked up at me and said "Hello Mommy, want to join us?"
It was my twins! They were beautiful, just as I remembered them, brown eyes, and golden blonde hair flowing over their shoulders. They looked just like their sisters. How lucky could I be, this was my house, my husband, and my children, all of them.
Little Megan ran over to me, I bent down, and got the biggest hug I had ever gotten. Morgan was not far behind, with her hug too. "Mommy where have you been? We have been waiting on you!" They both said.
This is what I have always dreamed of. There is no place else in the world that I would live than with my family, all of them.
If there was such a place, a place I could be, instead of dream of, I would be there. I want to share "life" with my children.
There may be a time when we will all be together again, a happier place. But until then, I will stay in touch with my dream world.
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