born May 10, 1999 and died May 17, 1999.
Remembered by mommy and daddy, Kari and Steven Vinson:
My sweet child, Austin: we miss you so dearly. We were blessed to have the 7 days with you. You have touched our lives so deeply. I find myself always asking the question why--but it helps to know that you were so special and so loved that you were needed to do the most important work of all. I know you will always be the angel on my shoulder watching over me. We would like to thank everyone who has helped us get through this very difficult time. This has been very hard for us to get through, but with all the love and support we have received it has been comforting. We will never say goodbye to our sweet angel, Austin. We know that we will be together again, and it will be forever. We love you Austin!


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