miscarried June 30th 2000 at 21 weeks gestation.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy and Thomas:
Our Child, God’s Child When I found out I was pregnant, I wasn’t quite prepared, And honestly to tell the truth I was absolutly scared. But then we saw you on the Screen, And your heartbeat was music to our ears Not knowing in just a few short months, Losing that would bring us many tears. I felt you move within me, And it always made me smile And when the movement stopped, we went into severe denial. The hardest thing we had to do Was let our Baby go, Knowing she would never cry and we would never see her grow. I know she is with god and that she is at peace But the pain We feel inside I’m sure will never cease. So know Katie we let you go Knowing deep inside Your with god in heaven And an angel by our side. Written by Barbara Blizzard July 2nd 2000 in memory Of Katlyn Marie cole June 30th 2000


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