miscarried September 8, 2000.
Remembered by Lisa and Trevor (Mommy and Daddy):
As I write this message to you I should be six months along and you should be growing inside me like a weed. But that didn't happen so now I will spend this Christmas mourning the loss of you. I miss you so much, I would do anything to bring you back. I spend endless days and nights daydreaming of you, what you would look like, what you would smell like and what you would grow up to be. I know at one time you had a heartbeat, you took little breathes and I know you have a beautiful soul. I long to hold you, hug you and give you kisses. My heart is empty and I will not be complete until I can wrap you in my arms and hold you close to my heart. Once I get that chance I will never let you leave me again. My only wish is that I could have given you life. You are so loved and missed. Every night before I go to sleep I blow a kiss up to you and I hope you catch it until I can give you a real one some day. “I bless the day I met you and I thank God that he let you lay inside me for a moment that lives on, and the good news is I'm better for the time we spent together, but the bad news is your gone“ I love you with all my heart and soul - and I will forever be your mommy.


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