born 10/20/2000 and died 12/12/2000.
Remembered by mama(Tonya) and Daddy(Randy):
Miracles come in many forms. For me, one miracle came in the form of my 25 week daughter, Hayden. She welcomed this world screaming. “Fiesty“ was the word the doctors used to describe her. God blessed me with the most precious child I have ever seen. Weighing a pound and 8 oz's, and measuring only 12 3/4 inches long, she was TINY. We experienced 16 days in the NICU with no complications. Our little “love bug“ was breathing on her own, right from the start. On November 5, we walked into the NICU prepared to move to the “well baby“ nursery. That is when our world turned upside down. Hayden, had developed NEC and in less than 12 hours had gone from 1 step away from moving downstatirs, to being put on a vent. We were told that she would more than likely not make it. But being her parents, we did not accept this. Not at first. During the next 5 weeks, Hayden, fought for her life. The nurses and doctors were touched by her strength. They truly came to love her. On December 12th Hayden lost her battle for survival. But I can assure you, she touched the hearts of so many. We live an hour away from UAB, on the day we buried her we were astonished by the presence of nurses and doctors. They will never be the same, and neither will we. We love and miss her. She will always be our great blessing from God. HE was and is in control.


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