Remembered by Mother and Father:
To my two infant sons who only had such a short chance to be here on this earth. My heart breaks more and more each day knowing that I don't have you to hold. I admit I was so scared at first and didn't want to go threw with this, but you both were apart of me that I couldn't live without and I knew that if I chose to give you up that I would never be able to live with myself. I blame myself for what has happened because I was too young to have you,but just when I wanted to keep you God took you away. He took you where you will be safe and comforted and where angels will take good care of you. I never dreamt before of such beautiful babies and when I saw the two of you I couldn't believe my eyes. I had such high hopes for you and the little things that we would do. I miss you both dearly. I wasn't ready for this to happen, I was in such denial that God would punish me in such a horrible way. I still till this day wish that it was me instead, what i don't understand is why would he allow me to concieve such wonders and then take them away right when we loved them so much. I will always love you. Your mother Maura


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