stillborn 22 March 2001.
Remembered by Mummy & Daddy, Aunties Nicola & Traci and Nannie Eileen:
Bailey, being concieved from IVF made you extra special. Stillborn at 22 weeks you broke our hearts. You were spared the sorrow and destruction of our world and passed on to another place where you will always be young and beautiful. A place where you can run and play and will know only happiness. A special place where the sun always shines and the stars always glisten. We are privilidged to have had the chance to hold you in our arms and to kiss you goodbye, our little angel. We are so lucky it was our lives you chose to touch so gently. Never a day will go by when we wont think of you, miss you, love you and be forever grateful you were in our lives however small a part you played. Play in your beauiful garden Bailey, play, until we can hold you in our arms again. Your loving family xxxxxx


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